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Best value cat food: Quality and price comparison.

Compare the best value cat food on the market in Australia, from the cheapest supermarket brands to premium quality.

What's the best cat food available in Australia? What's the cheapest? We've put together a comparison that reviews the best and worst wet cat foods in the country, based on price, ingredients and nutrition.

The winner?

The best value cat food in Australia is clearly Sosa. Sosa combines high-quality natural ingredients and all the nutrition your cat requires at a lower price point than the majority of competitors.

The only cheaper options are of far inferior quality, using cheap meat by-products and artificial flavouring. Even then, the savings are marginal.

The only comparable brand that also ticks the boxes of being complete and balanced, with natural real meats is Ziwi, which is more than 3 times the price.

Plus, Sosa delivers on subscription, making it convenient too. There's no reason not to sign up!

*Note: One can of wet food per day is not enough to satisfy the calorie requirements of an average size cat, so dry food is required. We have added the estimated additional cost of dry food to the monthly cost in order to satisfy calorie requirements. In most cases, it is around $12, but for some cat food that comes in a bigger portion size or has a higher calorie count, the additional cost is lower as less is required. In the case of non-complete and balanced meals, high quality complete-and-balanced dry food is essential.

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